HOAC 2015 - a Day to Remember

on 25 June 2015
Read Julie Stoke's report of a fantastic day at HOAC  and click on the link below to see Dave Watson's stunning photos. Thank you Julie for arranging such a great Club day and thank you Dave for sharing your photos. ( password - flippers)

Conditions : Sun almost shining. No rain. Birds singing. Children laughing. Fun all day long.
We had a full uptake on numbers this year, which was easily matched by the enormous amount of enthusiasm from all involved.

The morning consisted of a Club wide raft building and racing competition. The afternoon activities consisted of either kayaking, the very popular high ropes,or supping and wobble boarding- which basically is a windsurfer without a sail but propelled by paddles instead. We have it on good authority that there was a great deal of skulduggery at large regarding the raft building - ropes were loosened, rafts were rammed and participants were marooned. Fortunately everyone was able to put their hours of swim training  into good practise and keep themselves afloat! However, danger was never really much of a problem, as we were under the watchful eye of the HOAC safety crew.

 After a full morning of activities everyone was ready for lunch, which came in the form of a BBQ, magnificently cooked by the loving hands of Richard Evans and Leon van Zyl. We must also take a moment to praise the efforts of Jane Johnson who, with tears running down her face managed to peel, slice and fry 6 bags of onions! Healthy salads and yummy deserts were provided by the generous contributions of our Club members.

 The day was full of fun, delight and squeals from members of Hillingdon Swimming Club. Friendships were forged and memories were made. Children went home contented, filthy and exhausted. The BBQ area was left spotless and as usual all members of Hillingdon Swimming Club did themselves proud. A perfect end to a perfect day.

On behalf of Hillingdon Swimming Club Committee, parents and participants I would like to extend a huge thankyou to Jo Benhajkacem, Jane Johnson, Diane May and Paula Ortiz who put in an amazing amount of hard work into the organisation and behind the scenes planning, which made the day run so smoothly.
I'm sure you'll all agree that they did a great job. And also thanks to Mr and Mrs Heanen ( Keady and Brandon's parents) of Heanen Meats who supplied the delicious meat for the BBQ.

Julie Stokes
Head of RNSS House

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