Tech Know How

on 11 September 2015
Thankyou to Richard, Roger and Harry who took a small group of willing volunteers through the setting up of poolside Tech equipment  at Uxbridge Pool last Saturday at 7 30 am.
There was a bewildering array of extremely long wires, including an essential overhead wire which lives behind a roof tile.  More wires link the starting system to the computers, the scoreboard, the starting pads and the Timekeepers hand held timers, the two printers and the Referee's results printer ....
Two computers are in constant use at every Gala, connecting all the equipment and ensuring the Galas run smoothly, to time and rapidly produce accurate results.
If you have an interest in all things 'Tech' then this might be the job for you - get in contact!
A growing band of Tech volunteers will enable us to keep running great Galas- now and going in to the future.

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