NLGL 2015 FINALE by Trevor Hammond

on 15 November 2015
Many thanks to Trevor Hammond who has been Team Manager again this year for the NLGL Galas, which many of our swimmers enjoy enormously. He also introduced Sprint Session timing competitions into RNSS sessions, which helped him select the swimmers for the Team and which the swimmers have really had fun taking part in.

Please read his report and see the Team photo in CLUB NEWS

Well, that's it for this year's NLGL. Our 5th & last gala was on 7th Nov hosted by Walthamstow Tritons at Ilford. A bit of a late start at 7.30pm, but the whole team turned up eventually, which is the first time since the 1st one way back in Feb. I've picked as many swimmers from JP & YP as possible over the year to give most an opportunity of swimming in a team gala. This time, there were 6 newbies in the team of 10 girls and 9 boys swimming 46 events inc Jessica Ballard from RS. Despite having recent swim times from Club Champs the previous week and our sprint times a couple of weeks before that, quite a few swimmers managed PBs in what was a fast pool. As usual, the excitement and adrenalin pushes swimmers on, along with the support and vocal cheering from the balcony, especially in the squadron relays, Something I can't allow for in training. Special mention goes to Ciaran Thomas & Sean Gubatanga who both knocked chunks off best times in their first competitive team galas.  Sean was over 3 secs faster from the week before over 50m Breast and same again in 25m Free. Jake Gardner also surprised me with PBs in both 50m & 100m Breast both resulting in Upgrades but made up for it in the relays along with some impressive split times from Daniel Harris where we finished faster than anticipated with two 1sts. (contd......... Club News)
 Generally, we seemed to finish near the back in the majority of races, but ended up in top 3 in most due to other teams being regularly Upgraded. So very hard to know how we were doing points wise at the time. This gala is all about timing and not necessarily speed and we got it just about right again with most swimmers coming in as planned.
 However, with 6 Upgrades and a couple of DQs, I was still surprised to finish 2nd on the night  behind Leyton SC, as usual. So well done everyone.

1st Leyton ; 2nd Hillingdon; 3rd Anaconda; 4th Haringey; 5th Walthamstow
Team - Ciaran Smith, Sean Gubatanga, Prajwal Rao, Harry Evans, Harry O Leary, Joe McHugh, Daniel Harris, Jake Gardner & Robert Gates
Bonnie Evans, Millie Hewitt, Jessica Ballard, Lavanya Manral, Lara Batchelor, Helaina Hudson, Madeleine Pomroy, Lucy Thirkettle, Maura O Leary & Rhea Manek
 As usual a BIG thanks to Alan Gates who helped out as Starter, and to Sally Pomroy for timekeeping. Thanks also to Anita Manek & Ann O Leary for keeping the troops in order. Its very important that parents play a role in helping out at these events and behind the scenes and as a club it is extremely well appreciated.
 So summing up, over the 5 galas, 28 girls and 18 boys have swam at least once. Most boys have swam more due to short supply. It has been difficult to select teams on occasions due to unavailability but having the sprint sessions over the year has helped enormously. Overall, we have come 2nd over the five galas with two 1sts and three 2nds. That's 2nd for the 5th year running! At least we're consistent.  It could have been different but those words IF ONLY ... Never mind , next year.

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