Splash Gala 2016 and dates of Club Champs 2016

on 06 January 2016
Please see the CLUB CHAMPS page for further information about the RNSS Splash Gala being held on Sunday 17th January at St Helen's School Pool.
Please note that all RNSS swimmers aged 13 years and under who are not in Pre Mini Stars or Mini Stars or on trial with HBEST will be automatically entered for this Gala.
However the following applies:
'RNSS swimmers awarded a Gold medal in the November Club Championships cannot compete for another medal in the same stroke in this Novice Gala. But you may swim as a Time Trial. In addition, swimmers who do not swim at the Nov Club Champs will not be eligible for a medal at the Splash Gala.'
However, this is not a Licensed Meet and times will not therefore appear on the ASA website.
If your child cannot attend the Gala, please inform Richard Shires by Friday 15th January on
Late withdrawals cause a delay for all swimmers, parents and volunteers. The computer programme that runs the Gala has to be adjusted for every withdrawal and late withdrawals or non-attendance mean that this adjustment is done on poolside, thereby holding up other people. Thankyou in advance for your cooperation with this.
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