NLGL Rounds 5 & 6

on 17 October 2014

We had our final two rounds of this year's North London Graded League back to back on 13th & 20th September. It proved very frustrating picking a team especially the girls as so many were unavailable. In the end, only 8 made the trip to Tottenham Green pool along with 9 boys with Haringey SC hosting.

After a battle to find a carparking space quite a few of our swimmers arrived very late. Coach Sophie was very worried. The pool was unusual with deep sides which made it difficult to get out, especially for the relays. So all 25m relays had to start in the water at the shallow end. This resulted in quite a few relays being DQ'd as swimmers in the water left before the incoming swimmer had touched out. We were penalised twice. However we had no upgrades which is a first in 5 years of competing in this league.
In a tight contest, hosts Haringey won for the first time with Hillingdon a close second. Leyton finished in an unusual 3rd. This meant that if we won our final round, there was the distinct possibility of winning the league.

We had to win Round 6 which was at Clissold pool N16 with Anaconda hosting. I had to be bold and go for it. Times were taken at 2 training sessions to get the nearest possible to the time grades. However on the day, it didn't work out. We had some great swims but the extra adrenalin pushed a few swims over the grade time resulting in 6 upgrades although 5 of them were within a second.

Hillingdon Sc will finish 2nd again in this year's league with Leyton winning again, unless they finish 4th in their last gala in November which is very unlikely. Miracles happen occasionally!!

I'd like to thank all the swimmers who have swam over the year in the 6 rounds. 24 girls and 19 boys in total, 29 of which have swam in 2 or more galas. Only Robert Gates and Hisanth Letchimiganthan, both JP, have swam all six. Daniel Harris  improved well over the year swimming 5 of the galas, culminating in knocking 5 secs off his 50m Fly. Mala Nepal and Lauren Beaumont also swam 5 galas and have proved to be consistent swimmers.

Last but not least, a big thanks to Alan Gates for officiating at all galas too, along with all the parents who have helped out whipping and timekeeping and for ensuring your child gets to these events. It's not an easy trip to some of these pools!!

Round 5 Results  1. Haringey 131; 2.Hillingdon 138; 3.Leyton 154; 4. Hackney 162; 5. Northolt 178

Round 6 Results  1. Leyton 141; 2. Anaconda 174; 3. Hillingdon 175; 4. Haringey 184; 5.Walthamstow 198; 6. Brent 227

Individual times will appear on the Results page.

Trevor Hammond
Team Manager HSC

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