J1 Training Course, Middx

on 27 February 2016
Hillingdon Swimming Club  has run a very successful J1 Training Course recently and we now have Judges in training, Judges who have completed all their training and are heading for assessment and also J1 Judges who have now completed J2 training. Being a Judge not only gives you a better understanding of swimming, but also  makes Galas far more interesting...for example... you don't have to pay or join a long queue to get in, you get to network with other Clubs, get free refreshments and at many increasingly busy Galas, the Gala Conditions occasionally your swimmer to get preferential selection for Sessions that you have agreed to Officiate at! So its worth considering doing the Training and finding out more.
Please go to CLUB EVENTS to find out the details of the forthcoming Middx J1 Course. This will also allow those who have missed a session on a previous Course to 'catch-up'.

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