on 30 March 2016
The Committee, Competition Secretaries and other volunteers, would like swimmers and their parents to know that we are working to return Entry fees for Events at Wycombe, Cambridge and Cardiff. A recurring issue at this year's Events has been the high number of scratched entries and we do rely on the host Clubs to refund as soon as they can. We need to send a payment with the Club entry and we seek then to return funds to the Bank account from which the fee was paid if an individual's entry or entries are rejected. Sometimes reserve lists are maintained or time trials are allowed at a Gala, which can then change the amount of money due back. Either way, we rely on the organisation of and refund from the host Club, before we can transfer the funds back to our parents. We always will refund money received in a timely fashion and appreciate parents patience.
We are looking to improve our procedures and this is an area under review. Not only is the workload for our volunteer helpers much increased by the process of refunds, but we also fully understand the desire of parents to receive their refunds as soon as possible.

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