on 29 April 2016
On behalf of Hillingdon Swimming Club, the Committee would like to say a heartfelt and massive ‘THANKYOU’ to one of our best known and much loved volunteers, Julie Stokes, who decided to step down from her role as Head of RNSS House at this year’s AGM.
Julie became involved in swimming back in 2004 when her elder daughter, Helen, joined the Club.
Little did Julie know what lay ahead!
By 2005 Julie was already volunteering within the Club and it wasn't long before she took over the running of the Club shop, offering careful and helpful advice to all new swimmers and running orders and deliveries with infectious efficiency. Julie’s younger two children, Claire and Richard  also joined the Club and in October 2011 Julie took over the important role of Head of RNSS House.
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Alongside the constancy of pool bookings with Highgrove, MTS, St Helen’s and at one stage Northwood College too, Julie, over the years worked to organise the Level 3 Autumn Meet, helped at Club Champs, welcomed new parents to RNSS with Sue Dyer, was instrumental in the Young Aquatic Organiser training programme, developed kit and also oversaw a growing Junior Section. Her diplomatic skills; supportive to all, whilst forthright and straight talking, made Julie the perfect mediator whenever necessary, also becoming a friend and confidante to the coaches,teachers, pool staff, swimmers and their parents. Working behind the scenes for many hours each week on Club matters, Julie then appeared in the gallery every Friday night at Highgrove cheerful, friendly and enthusiastic!
Julie’s ability to spot and then support new volunteers has been unique, wrapping unsuspecting parents round her little finger and following this up soon after with a chatty phone call. Most of our current volunteers and at least 3 members of the Committee were ‘head-hunted’ by Julie! In recruiting volunteers she was opening up new pathways for people; helping them join a great team and develop skills that they never knew they had!
Another fab team that Julie was instrumental in putting together is the team that runs the massively popular Club HOAC day. Threatened by HS2, 2015 was to be our last Club HOAC day. Thanks to Julie’s quick action, the minute she heard that HOAC was still open for business in 2016, she picked up the phone and booked us all a slot. Thankyou Julie, the Club is looking forward to Saturday 9th July.
During 2014 Julie decided to take all her amazing skills back into the world of paid employment and completed a retraining course in Intensive Care nursing at Harefield Hospital, where she is now working.
Julie, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and good humour and you will be very much missed. You are a hard act to follow! We know you made the role of Head of RNSS House uniquely yours, but we also know that you would encourage a successor to change or adapt the role to make it theirs. We are so pleased that Claire and Richard are still swimming with the Club and we look forward to keeping in touch with you.


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