The Club Structure
Hillingdon Swimming Club is made up of two Houses:

  • Ruislip Northwood Swim Squad (RNSS) takes swimmers just starting to compete through to County level and up to Regional level.

RNSS swimmers may have moved through from our own Junior learners section or may have fed into the Club from a number of Swim Schools in Hillingdon Borough or surrounding areas.
RNSS caters for new competitive swimmers who may remain in RNSS or be invited to join  HBEST at around the age of 11 years. 
RNSS has a very active and popular Youth Section and also we have a growing number of Masters Swimmers who train regularly and some of whom compete.

  • Hillingdon Borough Elite Squad (HBEST) takes swimmers through to Regional, National and International level.

HBEST swimmers are made up of those that have been identified by coaches as capable of training and competeing at a higher level and who are able to commit to the required number of sessions.
This includes swimmers who moved up from our RNSS section, who have joined us from Sea-Byrds Swimming Club in Hayes, or who have decided that they wish to move to join our Club either having moved into the area, or occasionally by transferring from another Club.

Each House has a number of Squads catering for different abilities. Swimmers move between Squads and Houses depending on their individual development and needs. The final decision for these moves is taken by the Head Coach and the Assistant Coaches.


The Committee is responsible for the overall management of the Club and is comprised of nine elected Volunteers, this includes the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chairman, the Club Secretary and the Finance Officer.
The other members that make up the Committee are the Membership Secretary, the Open Meet Manager and four general Committee members.
The Committee meets monthly and the Executive Committee meets on a separate basis in between each Committee Meeting.
The Committee Meetings are confidential and are not open to members of the Swimming Club unless by invitation or occasionally specific prior arrangement.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach
John Adye

Assitant Head Coach
Matt Williams

Squad Coaches
John Adye  (Elite 1)
Matt Williams  (Elite 2 and Academy 1)
Anthony Manfredi  (Elite 3, Regional and Academy 2)
Alex Tegene  (County and Development 1)
Lin Styles  (Senior Academy, Development 2, Academy 3, Junior Academy 1, 2, & 3 and Masters)
Amy Grimshaw  (Youth Academy and Development 3)

Assistant Coaches
James Holdford  (Academy)
Lauren O'Connor  (Academy & Junior Academy)
Bill Harrington  (Development 1 & Academy)
Amy Grimshaw  (Academy)

The Coaching Staff will travel to Competitions with their Squads.
The Head Coach and the Coaching Staff work closely with the Committee and Head of Houses to ensure the smooth running of training sessions, Competition entries and a range of other matters that may arise.

Squad Representatives

Act as the parent link between the swimmer, Squad Coach, Competition Secretary.
Hold the contact details of swimmers in their squad.
Responsible for distributing competition information, change of training schedule, social events etc.
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