Annual Membership Fee

(not applicable to Junior Section and Masters)

For all swimmers, except those in Junior Section and Masters, an annual membership fee is charged. This fee covers ASA Registration, region fees & insurance, plus entry to all eligible RNSS House championship races held throughout the year and is in addition to training fees. The annual membership fee is to be paid by no later than 31st December in each year to retain membership, or for new members from the date full membership commenced. 

Annual Membership is set at £75 per swimmer.  Membership & training fees are reviewed annually. Please see the document below for payment options for the Annual Membership.

Please note that should the situation arise that you choose to leave the Club, then, other than for the Junior Section, a full 30 days notice is required, which enables us time to complete the necessary Administration.

Junior Section
Sessions Fee Covers Fee
30 minutes - widths 13 weeks £95.00
£100.00 from 1Jan2019
1 hour - lengths 13 weeks £110.00
£115.00 from 1Jan2019

Monthly Squad Training Fees

RNSS Squads
Squad Weekly Sessions Fee
Junior Academy 1, 2, 3 & 4
2 Pool £35.00 per month
Academy 3 & 4 2 Pool £35.00 per month
Academy 1 & 2
3 Pool £45.00 per month
Development 2 & 3
4 Pool £55.00 per month
Development 1 5 Pool £55.00 per month
Youth Academy 4 Pool £55.00 per month
Senior Academy 4 Pool £55.00 per month
County 1 & 2
6 Pool £55.00 per month

Elite Squads
Squad Weekly Sessions Fee
Elite 1 Up to 8 Pool & Up to 3 Land £103.50 per month
Elite 2 6 Pool & 2 Land £93.50 per month
Elite 3 5 Pool & 1 Land £93.50 per month

Sessions Available Fee 
Every Monday 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Every Thursday 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Every Sunday 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm
£26/Month by standing order includes £15.00 ASA Cat:1 Annual registration fee.

Please note that the above monthly fees are calculated by reference to the clubs total recurring annual costs being divided by 12 months. We thereby offer a facility for parents to pay on a regular monthly basis by way of standing order. Training fees are paid every month therefore including the summer months when the number of training sessions is reduced for a short time. We also can accept an annual payment in January each year of the full years fees.

Hillingdon swimming club is committed to ensure that our club is open to the whole community, including those on low or modest incomes. We would be prepared to consider a request for a reduction from the parent of any swimmer for whom these swim fees and other costs associated with membership represent a significant obstacle to joining us. Please be aware that any such application would require a full declaration of the applicants financial position and any concession granted would be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee of the club and would be subject to review at least annual and immediately if the applicants circumstances change.

For all membership fee enquiries please contact:

  Membership Secretary:  Sue Dyer
  mobile:  07434 553440

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